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Welcome to Security Metal Roofing's website.!                                    We hope you find our site informative, and helpful.                    We are here to help you decide on the right building products for your construction needs.                    Highly trained staff are waiting to take your call!  318-445-0223                 

The use of metal products in residential construction is on the rise today. There is a growing list of positive reasons for this expansion over the last several years to include durability, attractiveness and energy savings.

Here at SECURITY METAL we have been involved in the metal business since 1991. In 1997 we began manufacturing our own metal construction materials of the very highest quality.

AT SECURITY METAL we are a family owned and operated business that takes deep pride in providing quality products that will provide our friends and customers years of low maintenance service life.

SECURITY METAL has 2 locations ( Alexandria, La, and Vidalia, La ) to better serve your roofing and building needs. 

At SECURITY METAL we truly wish to be your roofing solution.


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